How We’ll Make Your Session Amazing: 3 Easy Steps To Make It A Success


As a photographer, I try to stick with what works for me and the client I’m working with.  In doing so, that involves research,  and communicating with the client. Each client and session are very different.  But that is the beauty of it.  Whether it’s me finding a new hidden location in Las Cruces, NM (which I love to find) or travel for a shoot.  Either way, I’m in heaven.  The proof is in the images.



This is how it works, the client contacts me first for the shoot and I send over my rates. I ask what scenery they would like and recommend my favorite locations that fit within their vision.  With any situation communication is important.  If the client isn’t happy, I’m not happy.  Even if a question isn’t something that is utilized, a consultation should be had.  By having a conversation with the client, I will get to know their likes, dislikes, where they want to shoot, their style, and look at their social media to get a sense of who they are.  However, sometimes a client wants you to take full control and they will communicate that to you. Whatever direction that’s chosen; it’ll be expressed.



Now that the client has filled out the questionnaire, on to the easy part. Next, make sure they have expressed in detail what they want. Finally, prepare for the shoot.  This is routine for me.  All you should have to do is figure out what equipment you’re bringing, clean cameras, charge your batteries, know your location, and have a great time!


In conclusion, relating to my clients is a must for me.  I honestly don’t recall a session that I didn’t feel connected.  It is because of the communication, preparation, and my questionnaire. These three things have made my photo shoots a success! Every single time.  Here are a few shots that all three tactics have come together perfectly!


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