Whitesands Wedding Elopement/ Las Cruces Photographer

Brad and Crista met on Tindr. They started by texting because Crista was out of town for work when they were matched. After texting for a week before they actually met. Brad was funny, so she continued to talk to him. They had their first date set up for Sunday, out of no where Brad text Crista on Friday and asked if she wanted to come over and hang out. She likes to be spontaneous so she went to his house. (She suggests that this isn’t the safest thing to do, but did it anyway)

They stayed up and talked for hours. He was so considerate and fun and she felt super safe! Basically from then on they were super close. He is the first person he ever told he loved. They dated for 2.5 years before he proposed. Are you ready for the epic proposal?!

They drove up to Big Sur for a private weekend away for Crista’s birthday (or atleast that is what she thought the escape was for). When they arrived they checked in to the ocean front inn and got ready to go on a hike. The day was pretty hot, so once they started hiking through the mountains, Crista went from happy camper to slightly miserable and moody If you know her, you know she’s difficult to surprise so… They hike and hiked while Brad was waiting for the perfect view for a proposal, and just when he thought he had found the magical place they noticed a tent with a half naked guy outside of it drinking a beer. Nearing sunset, he convinced Crista to hike back down the hill a bit to a ridge that overlooked the ocean. They finally got to THE SPOT just as the sun started to set and they climbed out onto a lookout point. They sat down for a minute and then Brad told Crista to stand up because he had something to ask her. As soon as she registered what was taking place she stared crying. Brad gave a rambling yet convincing pitch and so, the ring went on, there was a lot of crying, kissing and hugging, and then Brad eventually made sure a ” yes was spoken. They enjoyed the sunset from their perch and then headed back for an ocean front stroll and cozy celebratory wine and snacks for the rest of the sunset.

As you will notice in the pictures they have a dog named Henry! They have had him for 3.5 years, she got him right after they started dating, and Brad wasn’t sure if he could handle a new girlfriend and now a puppy. Now he would be lost without him in his life. They are best buds, and is the best addition to their family.

They chose whitesands for their wedding for a few reasons. Crista grew up part of her life in New Mexico and still owns land outside of Rio Ranch. For her 33rd birthday she asked him to do a road trip with her to New Mexico. In part so she could see the land bu talso so she could explore one of her favorite states that has so many memories. He agreed and they had the best week long adventure all over the state. The trip ended with them at white sands at sunset and it was the most magical experience ever! It was stunning but also proved how well they traveled together and that they enjoyed so many of the same things. It was their first camping trip which they survived after only 2 months of dating, and it was their first big trip together. A year later they drove back through on another road trip. When they decided where to get married, it was a no brainer. She had memories of going on trips there as a little girl with her mom. Her mom was her best friend, and passed away 5 years ago this November and she was a huge fan of the southwest. She had always wanted to spread her ashes somewhere she would love and this allowed Crista to do that and make her part of her big day.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect location.

She got their rings made in downtown LA in the jewelry district. They got married by one of their closest friends. And just had their closest family involved in the elopement.

Diana and I showed up at their Inn where they stayed and were getting ready. We got to meet their friends and family and then headed to whitesands. Everything was perfect, the weather was a little warmer than normal. But really it couldn’t have gone any better. Their vows made everyone cry, and made my heart so happy. Now enjoy!





Second shooter: Diana alvarado

Makeup: Brenda Tarango – instagram  facebook

Venue: whitesands National Monument

Dress: Reformation

Tux: Indochino

Wedding Invitation: Jaymee Fiskum


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