Commitment, Love, & Promise: The Venegas Wedding


The Venegas Wedding:

The Venegas wedding showed love, commitment, and togetherness on their special day. Their wedding day was a joyous occasion.  Being able to capture two people as they committed to one another; is a beautiful thing.  The bride and groom really paid attention to detail.  I want to show you guys all the details of the beautiful wedding.



Weddings take a lot of work to prepare.  Planning one that makes you stop and pay attention to detail, is a must. Special is what this wedding was about. The Venegas’ really found a way to personalized their wedding day. And here are some ways they did. They incorporated one of a kind moments like the venue, three-strand braid ceremony, and the promise ring ceremony.


The bride really cared about her bridesmaid. She had them all dressed beautifully in gold sequin gowns. Each dress was individually designed to fit the person’s style. The gold dresses were beautiful and eye-catching.  Their dresses were beautiful.  Every single lady stood out.



The groom and the groomsmen a really getting ready for the celebration.  Furthermore, these guys were clean cut and ready to walk down the aisle.




The wedding was held at Red Hawk Golf Club in  Las Cruces, NM.  The mountain top views were a perfect backdrop for their wedding. The reception venue was tucked away on the golf course.  Uniquely, it was surrounded by the beautiful scenery.  The bride and her family added a little touch of beauty with the flower arrangements.







The Promise Ring:



I was able to capture a moment between the bride and her father.  Most times, dads are usually sad or anxious on the wedding day of their daughters.  This one wasn’t any different.  The bride’s dad gave her a promise ring for abstinence.  Then, after her father walked her down the aisle he moved the promise ring to her other hand.  That was a really special commitment between a father and daughter.

Furthermore, those of you that don’t know what a purity ring is, it’s a promise between God and the person.


God’s Knot:  The 3 Strand Braid

The God’s knot ceremony is a wedding ceremony. In addition, religion was the reason why the couple chose to do this section of the ceremony.  It was a valuable section for both of them. There is an intimacy between God, the bride, and the groom. Moreover, it symbolizes that God is the head of the marriage. One strand symbolizes the bride, another symbolizes the groom, and the third symbolizes God.  Then, the couple braided the marriage braid after they exchanged vows.


In conclusion, weddings like this are always refreshing to shoot.  It was about the intimacy and love of the couple.


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