Romantic Las Cruces backyard wedding

First of all let me give a huge shout out to Lindsay Davenport and Jordan for allowing me to third shoot with them! It was fun catching up with them, and being able to help them capture these amazing memories for their friends in the process.

It all started off with lots of lace, cream and blush lining the girls dressing room. While the girls listened to music and were singing and dancing through the room!

After that we proceeded across the parking lot where the ceremony took place inside of the church. You could feel the love all around the room that was full of so many family and friends.

It was fun watching Lindsay and Jordan working through family, group and couple pictures so smoothly. I love learning new techniques, and seeing how others do things. The love between their friends and the two of them during pictures of very evident. The laughter and love radiated onto everyone.

We ended at their friends home with a backyard reception lined with twinkle lights and lots of tables full of friends and family. They had Sparky’s that catered for dinner, which is a local favorite located in hatch.

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