MaryAlice and Tyler’s Las Cruces Engagement Session

I have known MaryAlice since we were young and sleep overs were popular! She is my sisters best friend. I was very excited to be able to do her engagement session after attending a wedding workshop last month, and learning so much. I messaged her a guide with what to wear, what to do, and then we discussed locations.

This was their first ever real time having a professional session done! They did have a photographer at the proposal which is amazing, but it’s different when you can be posed and have everything planned. After messaging back and forth, she sent me final pictures of their outfits, and we decided on some locations to get exactly what she was looking for! Let me tell you, I was literally dancing in my kitchen when I saw their outfits. When they showed up in them, and I saw how perfect it all went together, and her makeup and hair were on point; I knew it was going to be epic! Oh and of course their dog Oliver was there too. He was so much fun, all you need is a ball and he is so obedient!

After I started posing them, it was evident that I didn’t have to do too much, they naturally cuddled together, looked at each other, gave kisses, and had the laugh down! I just had to do minor adjustments to get different shots. I mean look at those smiles, you can’t fake that! 🙂

At the end they wanted to do their signature shot where he picks her up, she pops her foot and they kiss. They started dating while working at the Farm and Ranch, and that is also where he proposed to her. It was a must to get some shots there. To top it off they threw confetti, and blew it. (they may have had to go back the next day to clean up the mess, but it was worth it)

Makeup and hair done by Makeup by Emily Lynn.

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