NMSU Golf Course Wedding/ Las Cruces Photographer

I am finally going to catch up on blogging all of these amazing weddings I got to end the year with!

When I talked with Serena about her colors and details, I couldn’t have been more excited to go to her aunts house surrounded in pecan orchards, to take the getting ready images. They did not disappoint, I love the orchards because they surround our city. The fall orchard made her beautiful rainbow colors of purple pop out perfectly.

They decided to do a first look before the ceremony at the NMSU golf course. It was so fun to see how adorable they are together. The grooms aunt officiated their wedding which made it that much more personal and intimate! Lots of laughter and a few happy tears. The brides father made the alter that looked perfect in front of the organ mountain scenery.

The weather could not have been any better. The day before we had a huge monsoon thunderstorm come through, which made us all worry that we would have a gloomy day. It couldn’t have been any more perfect.



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