Durango Colorado Akins Wedding

Imagine trains, fall colors, mountains, crab apple trees and clouds rolling in and out. That was what surrounded the scenery during this wedding. It was the perfect day. A slight breeze that called for a light jacket. They were married by two of their best friends, it was amazing to witness, because they had so much to say about them during the ceremony. The grooms sister sang a beautiful song during the ceremony, and after their vows there was much joyful tears shed as well as laughter that filled the area!

She decided that she had been a bridesmaid so many times and just wanted her friends to come and enjoy their time at their destination wedding. We had enough time to do a first look before the ceremony, which gave us flexiblity to explore different locations. I loved that they got to spend so much time with just the two of them! The crowd was filled with only their closest family and friends. When the reception started I already felt like part of the group of friends and family, and got to talk amongst everyone.

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