How I Found My Passion For Photography When I had My Son Diesel

I had a love for taking pictures all throughout my childhood. In high school, I was the one with the disposable camera at every track meet, band competition, and in the hallway by the lockers. Also, at every party I had my camera to take pictures. I just loved capturing moments.


My Motivation: My Son Diesel

In 2010, I had my son Diesel. After having him, I went picture crazy. I did little-set ups, I took pictures of his every move.  For that reason, I had a few people ask if I would ever become a photographer. There is no way I ever thought I would. However, when I started I was so excited but never anticipated where it would take me. In 2011, I opened up my photography page on Facebook, and the rest is history.

My First Camera

The first camera I bought was a Canon Rebel XS. It was amazing. And embarrassing as it is, I shot in auto for way too long. Consequently, I had no idea what aperture was or shutter speed. My ISO was also on auto for a long time.

My first wedding shoot

The very first wedding I booked, I was completely at a loss.  It was myself and another photographer.   He wanted to get into the wedding photography as I did. I remember him asking me specific photography questions; like what is your shutter speed? What is your f/stop at? However, I didn’t know the answers to his questions.  I recall going home and googling his questions. It was a whole different language to me. Luckily, it was an unpaid wedding shoot. So, they knew I had no idea what I was doing. Nevertheless, I really wanted to be a wedding photographer.

My Second Wedding Shoot

The next wedding I shot was on AV mode. Now those of you that don’t know what AV mode is; it is where your camera still chooses your shutter speed, but you control everything else.
Which is as close to a manual as I felt comfortable with shooting. During a wedding, where the light changed so rapidly. I didn’t want to mess anything up. But I also had my pop-up flash and a rebel, which doesn’t do great in low light. Nonetheless, they knew I was just starting out and I shot multiple other family members after their wedding  I also would call them close friends of mine now.

My Current Weddings

8 years later, I have a flow for every wedding day. I meet with my brides or talk on the phone if they are from out of town at least a week before their wedding. I find out everything I need to know about their wedding day. When I arrive I know exactly where I need to be at what time, and keep everyone on track. I also educate my brides beforehand on lighting. Dark rooms aren’t good for getting ready, and doing all of the bridal party and romantic shots need to be done before sunset. I know all photographers won’t agree with this, but that is the beauty of photography. There are lots of different styles, and it give everyone a chance to look for they style they love.

Photography Is My Passion

Photography is my passion. On days when I don’t have a session, I’ll follow my kids around capturing their moments. Or I’ll text a friend to meet up and create an adventure of moments with pictures. It’s all about the moments you capture.  I’m here to capture them for you!

I always love the quote, when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life! That is my life. I love it so much.
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